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Designed purely for easy drainage and quick drying.



Coconut Coir, Perlite, Endo-Mycorhizzae


CocoLite+ is the most barebones blend in the Miller Soils family. The right amount of endo-mycorrhizae strengthens your root system, as well as nutrient and water uptake. Coco coir is triple washed to minimize salinity, and has a stable pH of 5.7-6.2, EC:>0.4MS/cm (1:1.5v/v). This blend is great for starting seeds, cuttings, light-feeding plants, or for growers who want to apply nutrients to heavy-feeding plants.


CocoLite+ is suited for seeds, clines, transplants, all the way to large, flowering / fruiting plants. For heavy-feeding plants, consider transplanting into our nutrient-rich Red’s Biochar Blend or top dressing / liquid feeding. Consider compost tea to introduce beneficial biology and to strengthen your rhizosphere.


The quickest drainage and fastest drying imaginable


Micronized endo-mycorrhizae colonize roots and form a symbiotic relationship with your plants, leading to increased uptake of nutrients, minerals & water.

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