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Commercial Drip Media


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Commercial Drip Media

This grow media is great for drip systems where precision is crucial



Coconut Coir, Perlite, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Oyster Shell Flour, Basalt Rock Minerals, Yucca Extract


The Drip Media Pro is a professional container media combining the best traits of a container medium with the precision and control of a drip-solution feeding system. We build this drip media to suit professional operations with a concern for effiency, reliability, and ease-of-use and we blend it all with quality materials for a maximized yield.


Drip Media Pro provides a stable chemical environment and structural matrix through which the grower can feed for optimized plant growth. It is enhanced by biochar, balanced with natural mineral sources, and built with bulk components designed to optimize aeration, porosity and drainage, retaining water for plant use while maintaining aeration. It provides a perfect environment to capitalize on grower igenuity and know-how in all stages of plant morphology – from germination to flowering.



  1. Use a well-balanced fertilizer regime.


  1. Monitor media conditions by using periodic pour-through tests with lab analysis. (Miller Soils can create a plan and help you administer it.)   Calibrate and your fertilizer regime according to this data.
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