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Cover Crops


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cover crops


Cover crops are grown primarily for reasons other than short term economic gain. In other words, cover crops are not produced for sale, but rather for the benefits they provide to the production of subsequent cash crops. Cover crops are so-called because they protect otherwise bare soil against erosion. Cover crops are also called “green manure” since they are integrated back into the soil they increase fertility. Cover crops can maintain or increase soil biodiversity, either to compliment crop monocultures, or provide soil nutrients during fallow periods between crops.

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Spring Fallow Mix

Plant early spring in fallow ground, shallow and deep-rooted species & legumes.


Blend includes forage peas, lentils, vetch, oats, rapeseed, flax, safflower.


Application Rate 53#/ac

spring fallow

Spring Nitrogen Mix

Plant early spring for nitrogen fixation ahead of spring planed crop. Will not have as much long-lasting residue as the Spring Fallow Mix but provides many species of legumes to quickly fix nitrogen naturally.


Blend includes forage peas, lentils or vetch, clover, Persian oats, rapeseed.


Application Rate 52#/ac

spring nitrogen

Summer Soil Mix

Great mix for strip till farmers and when soil is +60F.


Blend includes cowpeas, soybeans, sun hemp, sorghum sudan, millet, radish/turnips, rapeseed/collards, sunflower, buckwheat.


Application Rate 48#/ac

summer soil mix cover crop

Summer Nitrogen Mix

Plant when soil is +60F, many species of legumes to produce nitrogen very quickly. Great residue for no till farmers to plant in.


Blend includes cowpeas, soybeans, sun hemp, winter peas, sorghum sudan, millet, radish/turnip, rapeseed/collards, buckwheat/vetch.


Application Rate 40#/ac

summer nitrogen mix cover crop

Fall Mix

• cover oats

• winter triticale

• winter rye

winter triticale