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Seed Start Pro


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seed start pro
Seed Start Pro is an all-natural fertilized blend that allows both seedlings to thrive and the grower to save time. Ready to go out of the bag, Miller Soils has added endo & ecto-mycorrhizae & biochar to give that extra boost to ensure beneficial microbes are present to create fertile soil. Our research tested blend provides adequate draining and maintains a moisture level that is ideal for newly formed root systems.


• Specially formulated all-natural, OMRI-listed blend enriched with biochar and
• 5-7 of weeks of nutrients to support your seed starts
• A healthy ecosystem of microbes provides a boost for roots to grow strong quickly
within the first initial weeks
• Intended for seeds, starts and clones

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Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Perlite, Compost, Vermiculite, Organic 5-5-3 Fertilizer, Endo & Ecto-Mycorrhizae, Biochar