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Coco Coir


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coco coir
Our coconut coir products are the best quality and used buy our customers around the globe. We put special attention to the quality of our products. Our stringent process ensures optimal physical and chemical properties of final products. Coconut coir growing medium comes from the coconut’s fibrous husk (known as coir) that is bound together by lignin (known as pith). After the husk is immersed in water for 6 weeks, the fiber is extracted mechanically, and the pith is left behind as a waste product and stored in heaps to age. Since the pith comes from the fruit, it is quite naturally rich in nutrients. Coconut coir growing mediums are dehydrated and compressed into a compact form for easy handling. With the addition of water, coir expands to an easy to work with growing medium. The addition of water increases the volume 3 to 9 times, depending on the packaging of products. This process results in a 100% organic, biodegradable growing medium, making it a natural and safe growth medium of choice for growers. Coco peat is a premium growing medium and superior alternative to peat moss. Coir is the coarse fibers and sponge like pith material that make up the thick husk of the coconut fruit.

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Loose Uncompressed Coco Coir
Uncompressed coco peat is wonderful product. A truly exceptional ready-to-use coco peat based potting soil. We use coco peat which is exceptionally low in salt (after repeated washing with fresh water) to make this hydroponic soilless medium.


SPECS: pH 5.8-6.8, moisture 10-15%, EC 0.3-0.9 ms/cm
loose uncompressed coco coir
5kg Block Compressed Coco Coir
Cost effective bulk product. 5 kg block coco coir can be used in almost any situation like in commercial potting mixes, home gardens and growers, greenhouses etc. Our coco coir products are organic, guaranteed to be very high quality and very low salt content.


SPECS: weight 5kg, dimensions, 30x30x10cm, compression ratio 5:1, volume uncompressed 75 liters, pH 5.8-6.8, moisture 10-15%, EC 0.3-0.9 ms/cm
coco coir 5kg block compressed