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Miller Soils

MS Winter/Fall Mix

Nitrogen Fixing, Adds Organic Material for Spring Ground Preparation

Application Rate: 20–30lbs / acre


40% Winter Rye, 20% Buckwheat, 40% Winter Trit-Forerunner

What are Cover Crops?

Cover crops help protect bare soil against erosion, and have been called “green manure” as they are integrated back into the soil to increase fertility. They can maintain or increase soil biodiversity to compliment crop monocultures or provide soil nutrients between crops.

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Who We Are

Miller Soils is a family-owned soil business specializing in biochar-based custom blends and grow media.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to both our customers and the environment, so we produce only the finest quality all-natural products.

Why Biochar?

Biochar is made from renewable & organic resources. Biochar can rejuvenate soil, reduce nutrient runoff, and increase water-holding capacity.